If you offer me a pickle, I will surely eat it. Every. Single. Time.

Hi! I’m Maddie and I’m the curator of this sweet space. When I’m not writing here you can find me co-founding and Chief Creative Officering over at Atlanta’s favorite marketing agency, Marketwake. Or, you may find me swooning over my husband’s mad bartending skills and gorgeous products over at our ecommerce shop, Cocktail Commons.

But most likely you’ll find me cuddled up on the couch or working on projects around the house alongside the two greatest tiny humans, #Benjamin_Sherwood and #Costine_Marie as we settle into our 1920s home in Atlanta, GA and carve out our own little modern homestead amidst our crazy fun day-to-day.

In this space I celebrate all things creative: creating a life that is balanced and full, creating a living space that brings joy and comfort to everyone inside, creating a career that is fulfilling and sustaining and also creating(ish) & sharing cocktails that help us through it all when we need a little push.

Welcome. Cheers.


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