Tour de home


Stadium access and other things that didn’t end up mattering

Recently there was talk of a Super Bowl VIII coming to town. This rumor has not been confirmed or denied (just kidding… it’s for sure happening… like this weekend, about 1.5 miles from our house) and a lot of folks in my neighborhood decided it sounded fun to put our private homes up for rent on AirBnB.

Why would you even want to take the time to do that, Maddie?

Where would your family go if the place gets rented, Maddie?

Is it worth it to go through all that trouble, Maddie?

Yea yea yea… it’s an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Well. We went through the trouble (with the big help of my little brother) and no — the place didn’t rent. However if you asked me again was it worth it? I would say heeeeeeeeeeck yes.

Ben and I crossed some projects off in the house that have needed to be donc since the minute we signed on the dotted line for this place.

I’m talking small things that shouldn’t take 3 years like… securing the original doorknobs to our doors so that our children can learn that doors actually open with a twist and a pull vs a casual head or butt push.

(I kid you not, Ben and I watched Benjamin attempt to open a door at a friend’s house the other day and shook our heads in disappointment — in ourselves).

I’m also talking bigger things like replacing the 1991 vinyl tile floors in the bathroom upstairs with something that doesn’t make you dirty the minute you step out of the shower.

Big and small, we got it done. Just in time for the worst matchup in the history of the Super Bowl when it comes to who will travel for the big game and basically no one’s homes got rented.

But still… it was worth it.

Now, we have far fewer corners of our home that keep me up at night and i’m excited to give you a mini tour today! (Skip to the end of this post if you want to see the before’s). But today it’s an “eat-your-dessert-first” kind of situation, so we start with the afters:

First up,

The Kitchen

The kitchen has always been one of my favorite rooms in the house. When we bought the place we did a minor renovation, and the kitchen was a major focus for that, so it was a place where I got to make my Pinterest dreams come true. It’s a corner lot so we get to look out onto the street and into the backyard (at the chicken coop) and we eat 80% of our meals around the island. It’s fun to host in here and though I sometimes dream of that “open concept” home that everyone talks about, I find so much comfort in the cozy walls of this sacred space to cook, enjoy and experience life with my people.

But also wouldn’t it be cute if I had one of these in the backyard to look at too?

Yea, I agree.

Now moving on to the…

Dining Room

This room actually sealed the deal for me when we were looking at buying this home. It’s really rare in these 1920s craftsman style homes to have a pitched ceiling and such a large dining area. It has so much character and though it often becomes the laundry dumping place throughout the week (amazing table — made by our very own Burley Ben — for folding and organizing) It also brings me alllll the joy when we get to sit good people around it for a dinner party or when the kids and us get to enjoy a quiet dinner together when we’re not rushing off to do the next hing.

It’s currently home to our makeshift shelf bar (which I love and Ben hates due to it’s crashing potential. Glass half full babe… glass half full), a few good books and some secret storage spots for all of our linens. It also is home to 48% of our plant population because… look at that lighting.

Not pictured here is the original stained glass in a porthole window at the top of the pitch and a view into our upstairs attic room/baby nook. Swoon all of these things.

So maybe this is my favorite place in the house. Yea, this is potentially my favorite.

  • Floating shelves - Etsy

  • White & Gold dresser - Wayfair

  • Gold metal shelf - Vintage

  • Various Planters - Accent Decor

  • Plant Stand / Garment Rack - Amazon

Ok moving on to the…

Downstairs bathroom

This is another area that we focused on during our renovation because… well you can skip to the befores if you have any questions.

But we re-did the floorplan and got to choose every little thing.

She is simple but boy is she beautiful.

Ben made the over-the-toilet ladder organizer and I bought the mirror off of Etsy a few years ago. The shower fixture was an Amazon purchase and she pulled together as easy as that!

  • Life Changing Candle - Brick & Mortar

  • Mirror - Etsy

  • Wooden ladder - plans found here on Pinterest

Now, before we head upstairs to my SERIOUSLY favorite room of the house (our bedroom getaway)… here’s a peek into the…

Living Room & Music Room

These are probably the areas that we do the most life. Well, for sure the most cuddling and dancing. So potentially this is my favorite space in our home. Yea for sure, this must be it.

Again, tons of light because of the corner lot situation and though I sometimes battle against the WHO NEEDS TWO OF THE SAME ROOMS RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!? feels, it’s great to have a clean space for the living room and to be able to hide and sequester some of the kids stuff into the music room to keep things Marie Kondo’d up in ‘her.

  • Sofa - Article

  • Green vinyl armchair - vintage

  • Shoe rack - Amazon

  • Record Player - Vintage

  • Two-toned basket - Amazon

  • Leather Puff - Amazon

  • Lamp stand & wooden shelf in the living room with gold hardware - Target

  • Floating wooden shelves above the fish tank - Etsy

And second to last (but surely not least)…

The Master Bedroom

This is truly where the magic happens. And by magic I mean glorious, heavenly, luxurious sleep (and some other stuff but you’ll have to dig through my Instagram to find those sexy nuggets). This room started off as the very first office of Marketwake, but after the agency outgrew these walls Ben and I were all too happy to call dibs on this space as our bedroom. When we bought the place, we pictured cramming the upstairs with kids but instead, we are cramming them all into a small room downstairs and taking this sweet deal for ourselves. #earnedit.

This space has truly become our getaway and feels like a mini apartment. I just can’t say how important it is to have a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary. This is the first home where I think we’ve truly accomplished this and it is worth every night I asked Ben to help me rearrange things, and be OK with me dropping bones on a Nespresso. What is a sanctuary without a Nespresso (“remember how incredible it was to have espresso in Italy, babe? We need that here. Every morning. Seriously we need it”). And we did.

There isn’t a ton of storage upstairs so we recent go the garment racks and have been loving how organized they force us to be and how clean they make us keep our room. I don’t think I can go back to a closed closet door or dresser drawers again.

And don’t get me started on electric fireplaces… wherever I sit… there one will be (we now have 3 in our home… Excessive and completely necessary).

  • Bed frame - vintage

  • Accent pillows & Lamps - Target

  • White duvet cover - Amazon

  • Electric fireplace - Amazon

  • End tables - Ikea

  • Orange lounge chairs - vintage

  • Garment racks - Amazon

  • Nespresso - Amazon

  • TV Stand - Ikea

OK and before we say goodbye, let me show you around our

Front Porch